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February - 

January - Guppy's On the Beach

For our February event we met at 10:00 A.M. at Guppy's On the Beach. For such an
early meeting we had a wonderful group of 38 culinary affectionados, some traveling
over an hour for the event. For those of you who other commitments, "you missed it!".
The demonstration given by Chef Scott Bobell was very professional and informative.
Chef Scott had done a lot of preparation for us, as each restaurant has in the past. We
observed the demonstration as a group, while having much, much. coffee served by
Mark, our gracious server throughout the demonstration. Chef Scott prepared a Jumbo
Lump Blue Crab Taco Tower, with Tortilla Sauce and Black Bean and Fresh Corn
Relish. He answered questions from the group. He stressed if we should fry our tacos in
hot oil that we never leave the oil unattended. He of course has a deep fryer; however,
the recipe substitutes sauteing instead of frying if we choose. He also stressed using fresh
ingredients, although the fresh corn could be substituted with frozen corn. After the
demonstration we moved to tables to be served by Mark. The Chef's signature dish was
fabulous! I am sure that most of you have visited Guppy's, prior to our event. Please
visit again, as he has outdoor seating when the weather is warm. Take-out is also

Guppy's On The Beach


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