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Holiday Open House
3356 Dunemoor Ct., Palm Harbor.

I live just off of East Lake Rd. (McMullen), about 4 miles N. of Tampa Rd. I live in Ridgemoor, at the light at Ridgemoor, turn R., you will see Brooker Creek Shopping on the L. (Publix). Olsen Tire and Burger King are on the R.  Go about 6/10th of a mile, take the first L. where you see houses, Mermoor Drive. There is an open gate, with a black oval sign, Brookhaven, Farrel Park, Tealwood. I live in Brookhaven, you will see a lake on each side. Curve to the R., take the first R. - Dunemoor Ct. I am on the corner on the R., almost to the end. If you would like to park along Mermoor on only one side of the lake it is OK. I would prefer one side only. My suggestion would be to park on the side leaving Brookhaven. Questions, please call me, 727-789-2605.